Toys for the Boys.... And Mis-Spent Millions....

Posted By: Phil · 3/17/2013 11:43:00 AM

The pictures appeared last week, video's were available.  Called the TAV or Tactical Assault Vehicle it was spotted in the area on what I presume were shake-down, familiarity drives for those who will be at the wheel of this $800,000 dollar RCMP toy. As I learned what the TAV was to be used for, (the RCMP background information lists the following...) in hostage takings, riots, armed standoffs and situations where walls need to be rammed down I began to question, wonder where this vehicle could possibly be used.  It is armored to withstand explosions, has gunports, allowing those inside, to shoot and kill those outside with relative safety.  Built by IHC, International Trucks, the vehicles are virtually identical to those used by members of Canada's military serving in Afghanistan and other war zones around the world.  Instead of being painted in military camouflage, they're RCMP blue.  And there are 18 ...

Can Free Speech Put The Lives of Our Children At Risk

Posted By: Phil · 3/7/2013 3:52:00 PM

Next Tuesday, a one day summit will be held at Simon Fraser University.  The focus, vaccines, and society's practice of inoculating young children.  The group are bringing together researchers and self proclaimed experts who will challenge the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

I have no problem with the conference.  We live in a time, where free speech has been guaranteed, and for the most part unless religion, sexual preference and racial roots are the subject matter, the right to stand and speak is affirmed.   The fact that the conference is being held at Simon Fraser University brings with it, its own set of problems.  Long held, as one of the great places in the country, where the radical element could stand and speak out against injustice, I contend the location of the gathering, could be construed as an endorsementof the position taken, against the use of vaccines. 

We no longer ...

America's Horror... America's Tears. What's next?

Posted By: Phil · 12/15/2012 11:06:00 AM

I’m not qualified to offer any significant analysis, apply any contextually changing thought,  after America, and the world recoiled in horror at the shootings in Newtown Conneticut.

But I do wonder…  as I’m sure most of us do, is THIS the moment, is this the time that Americans wake up.  Is the specter of 20 children, aged 5 to 10, innocent children, brutally shot to death in a deadly hail of bullets the tipping point?  Can America, Americans effect  wholesale change in the way in which guns are accepted, guns are revered within its society. 

Are American parents ready to take on and battle NRA, the National Rifle Association, the powerful US gun lobby?  Hopefully yes….  likely no.

It was 1999, that shots rang out at Columbine, and since then, thousands of Americans have been shot dead, by people with guns.  After Columbine, there was a call for stronger gun legislation, ...