Dan's Diet Blog - The 6-Month Update

Posted By: Dan Ohara · 6/21/2012 6:33:00 AM

     Hey bloggies!

     It’s nearly the end of June, so it’s time for another update to the diet blog.

     It’s been an up and down couple of months. When I weighted myself at the end of March, I was just under 300lbs, but then I spent a couple of months not caring about what I was eating, and that weight climbed back up to 307, where I started the month of June at. At the start of this month, I gave myself 4 weeks to lose 12lbs before my upcoming time off.

     I’m happy to say that I’ve met, and exceeded that goal. I don’t know what clicked in me this past month, but I was finally able to change a couple of bad habits. I found myself at my gym a couple times each week, and back into the pool, too (I love swimming). I haven’t visited a fast food establishment in about a month now, which isn’t to say that I’ve not gone out for bad food, but it’s been rare, and I plan the rest of my eating each day around going out.

     My time off is a slight worry, simply because there’s going to be a lot of time on a bus, but I’m hoping that a great deal of walking, riding bikes and climbing large buildings will help balance that out.

     So, here are the numbers. I started April at 299.4, climbed to 307, and as of today sit at 293.6, for an overall loss of 5lbs in 3 months, but a total loss of 13.5lbs this past month. So far in 2012, I'm down 22.5lbs.

     As always, you can find me on SparkPeople (KelownaGuy20), and you can follow me on Twitter @daniel_ohara.

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