On-Air Programming

Welcome to the AM1150 Calendar. Here you will find our programming that deviates from our regular schedule, such as sporting events.

If you are looking for our regular Program Schedule, please go to our On-Air Schedule.

AM1150 Sports Broadcasts

Rockets @ Seattle :: Tuesday April 26th :: 6:30pm*
Rockets @ Seattle :: Wednesday April 27th :: 6:30pm*
Blue Jays @ Tampa :: Friday April 29th :: 4:00pm
Blue Jays @ Tampa :: Saturday April 30th :: 2:30pm
Blue Jays vs LA :: Friday May 6th :: 4:00pm
Blue Jays vs LA :: Saturday May 7th :: 10:00am
* Time listed as Pre- Game Start
*Rockets pre-game broadcasts start 30 mins before gametime
**Canucks pre-game broadcasts start 1 hour before gametime