Summer Okanagan Wine Festival

Saturday, July 7, 2012 to Sunday, July 15, 2012
Remember Summer? Remember aching for its arrival? Then the big moment: school’s out, Summer’s breathless entrance, the taste of freedom. So what happened? The puppy love ebbed, responsibilities set in, Time shrouded exuberant Summer. But Summer still lives somewhere. She lives in the Okanagan. This is her stronghold, where her exuberance doesn’t fade. And this year, she’s getting a makeover.
Yes, The Summer Okanagan Wine Festival is bringing you the almost excruciatingly gorgeous Summer experience: outdoor wine tastings with more bold flavored wines than you could ever desire; summer wine and cheese beach parties; road bike race tailgate parties in vineyard settings; the visceral sound of Spoken Word poetry matched with equally feisty wines.
We could go on, but with over 30 eclectic events over 10 days at the height of Summer’s beauty in her own territory, you might find it a bit, um, inebriating. The table is set, the wine is decanted, and Summer is waiting for you!
Visit their website for a list of all of the different event details and ticket information.