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at 13:44 on August 27, 2016, EDT.

Does China still harvest organs of executed? Doctors divided

BEIJING — A Canadian patient's receipt of a kidney transplant after waiting just three days during a recent visit to China raised an immediate red flag among surgeons at the Montreal-based Transplantation Society: A turnaround that quick indicates the organ likely came from the body of an executed prisoner.


at 12:05 on August 27, 2016, EDT.

Shaftsbury water tests reveal minimal chemical contamination

SHAFTSBURY, Vt. — Gov. Peter Shumlin says testing of drinking water wells near the closed Shaftsbury landfill in Vermont show minimal contamination from a potentially cancer causing chemical.


at 21:02 on August 26, 2016, EDT.

150 rally at Saskatchewan legislature over cuts to disability payments

SASKATOON — About 150 people rallied at Saskatoon city hall Friday in protest of cuts to a provincial program that provides money for disabled people.


at 19:07 on August 26, 2016, EDT.

Photo of separated elderly couple draws attention to bed shortage in B.C.

VANCOUVER — Every time the elevator doors open at Wolfram Gottschalk's care home and he sees his wife of 62 years, the couple's granddaughter says he always reacts the same way.


at 18:02 on August 26, 2016, EDT.

Diagnostic images of patients in Saskatoon lost in archives: health region

SASKATOON — The Saskatoon Health Region says diagnostic images have been lost for 206 patients.


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