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A BC Supreme Court justice is ruling Canada's laws against doctor-assisted suicide are unconsitutional.

In her decision, Justice Lynn Smith points to the fact that suicide itself is not illegal and therefore to deny a person that is incapable due to illness of taking their own life, is discriminatory.

Smith specifically pointed to the case of West Kelowna resident, Gloria Taylor, who is living with ALS and has been heavily involved in trying to get doctor-assisted suicide imade legal in Canada.

Smith's ruling has been put on hold for at least a year in order to give government time to consider and possibly draft new legislation.

As for Taylor, she may be granted a constitutional exception if she chooses to end her life.

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  1. r tomkins posted on 06/15/2012 04:18 PM
    In case anyone thinks this is stupid or something, I believe the BC supreme court is stupid.

    There is great danger lurking in this striking down of the law and just because some judge says that they are striking down the law does not mena that sober second thought was given to the action.

    The assxxle teacher in Montreal showed students in a classroom a horrifc thing indeed, there wasn't much second sober thought there either.

    Besides, my father died of natural causes many years ago.
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