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A Victoria, BC man is demanding Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray resign over a proclamation.

Dave Jarvis says he's outraged over Kelowna Council's decision to uphold the "Protect Human Life Week" proclamation, taking place at the end of this month.

Jarvis says the proclamation goes against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that it needs to be rescinded.

"This in my mind, goes against the 1988 ruling that said you are not allowed to impose your own morality on anyone. That includes pregnant women."

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has also started a letter writing campaign demanding the proclamation be scrapped.

Meantime, Kelowna's Right to Life Society is threatening to file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal if the proclamation is cancelled.

The "Pro-Life" proclamation was introduced four years ago while Sharon Shepherd was in office.


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  1. TedG posted on 09/05/2012 03:28 PM
    I am somewhat confused at to what the news story is here. Dave Jarvis, of Victoria, wants Walter Gray to resign.



    Would it be news that I don't want the mayor to resign? Or that I think that Dave Jarvis should resign? Or even the Mayor of Victoria?

    And, for the record, the 1988 Morgentaler decision did not say any such thing about "imposing" morality. I suggest that Mr. Jarvis actually read the decision. It struck down Canada's abortion law on procedural grounds. And it opened the door for Parliament to enact legislation that would go as far as banning late term abortion.

    But, at any rate, this story is indeed puzzling.
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