Smoky Sky in the South Okanagan


If you're in the South Okanagan and notice a haze in the sky it's not from any local forest fires.

Fionna Tollovsen with the Kamloops Fire Centre says there are no active fires in the area.

"There are reports of hazy conditions which we believe is coming from forest fires in the Washington State. We currently have a number of personnel there that are assisting that state with the activity there. They have been seeing some quite active, large wildfires which can produce a large amount of smoke"

Tollovsen says with the forecast expected to remain dry and hot for the rest of the week, residents can expect the smoky sky to stick around.

Tollovsen reminds residents to be vigilant if they see smoke billowing in the sky.

To report a fire dial *5555 on your cell phone or call the wild fire management branch at 1-800-663-5555.

Anita Sthankiya -Penticton