BC Announces Funding to Create Local Food and Wine Awarness in Penticton


Norm Letnick (second from left), Miles Probane (far right) and a local farmer, chef and winemaker toast the funding announcement that will help pair local food and wine, such as the combination above.


On Wednesday in Penticton, the B.C. Government announced it will spend $100,000 to boost the idea of buying local food and wine.

The idea is to educate local restaurants, chefs, sommeliers and consumers on the idea that B.C. Wines, particularly in the Okanagan and Similkameen, go great with the local food in this province. Miles Probane, Executive Director of the B.C. Wine Institute, says the money should help spread the knowledge of how our local food and wine can be paired together.

"What I don't think consumers aren't really aware of is just how well B.C. Wine pairs with food," said Probane. "Our wines win over 2,000 awards each year and one of the constant comments coming back from the judges in those events is just how well our wines pair with food."

The B.C. Wine Institute will also be matching the provincial government's $100,000 for the initiative, which won't come out of taxpayer's pockets. The wine institute will initiate a consumer campaign that will use social media to establish a place for consumers to discuss B.C. wine and food. The majority of the award-winning wine industry in B.C. is concentrated in the Okanagan and Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick is happy to get the industry completely behind this initiative.

"By going out and asking industry to partner with us, we're actually able to double taxpayer's investment in this program," said Letnick. "Also, industry knows best as to how we can get more people to buy local products."

The goal of the consumer media campaign is to reach 1.3 million people per week.


Adam Graham - Penticton