Illegal dumping getting better in Peachland


It looks as if monitoring what people are taking to the Peachland Compost Site is helping with illegal dumping.

The District was forced to change the hours of the site plus check every truck brought in after the public started to hide non-compostable items in their loads.

Director of Operations Doug Allin says the situation has improved.

"The monitoring has curbed the majority of illegal dumping.  People are still trying to hide particles in the loads but they are minor things like small pieces of plastic, plastic bags and stuff.  It still takes the District of Peachland time to remove that from the piles because they can't be ground up and used for alternative fuels when they have the plastic in them."

Allin reminds the public that they will only take residential loads and are not equipped for the commercial particles.  

Commercial trucks are to use the Glenmore Landfill.

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