Dog illnesses may be linked to jerkey treats produced in China


The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been looking into claims of serious illness in dogs, that according to numerous dog owners, may be directly linked to certain Chicken Jerky Treats produced in China.

According to the FDA website approximately 2,200 reports have been received from dog owners, with more than 300 of those reports being dogs that have actually died.

An April 2012 article by CBS New York reports that numerous dog owners across the US reporting that their dogs had died and that the animal deaths were linked to a certain brand of dog treats, Waggin Train Chicken Jerky treats.

The CBC Consumer Report TV show, Marketplace, aired a special on Friday night that focused on the unregulated dog treat industry.

A similar article was also found in March of 2012 by NBC News concerning the same dog treats.

Since 2007, the United States FDA has issued three warnings pertaining to illness in dogs and "the jerky dog treats" although the website doesn't mention this specific brand.

The FDA website also states that dog illnesses have been reported in six Canadian Provinces.

The jerkey treats are believed to be sold at stores throughout Canada.

No warnings or alerts have been found on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website.

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