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at 15:18 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

MP accuses comedian of "triggering" her with mocking photo of Stephen Harper

Comedian Mark Critch has removed a photo mocking former prime minister Stephen Harper from his Instagram account following a barrage of tweets from a Conservative MP that included obscenities.


at 14:00 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

No tailings ponds, but in situ oilsands still release toxic contaminants: study

The first study of pollution from unconventional oilsands mines has concluded that so-called in-situ techniques also introduce contaminants into the environment.


at 13:30 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

Tories twice rejected rule change that could have opened doors for more refugees

OTTAWA — In spite of relentless pressure to help Syrians flee the perils of civil war, Canada's former Conservative government twice rejected a proposal last year to make it easier for Canadians to sponsor them, newly disclosed documents show.


at 13:03 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

Iran confirms arrest of member of negotiation team

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's judiciary on Sunday confirmed the brief detention of a member of Iran's negotiation team with world powers on suspicion of "infiltration," the official IRNA news agency reported.


at 12:10 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

Donald Trump's immigration talk runs into reality at the Mexican border

JACUMBA, United States — An American border guard steps out of his vehicle onto a dusty desert road, seeking to chat with the strangers he sees milling about the mesquite bushes a few metres from Mexico.


at 11:00 on August 28, 2016, EDT.

Energy and environment among issues for premiers and governors meeting

BOSTON — Energy, the environment, and climate change are expected to be among the key topics when the New England governors and Eastern Canadian premiers gather Monday in Boston.


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