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at 15:47 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Wave of attacks mainly targeting Shiites kills nearly 50 people in Iraq, officials say

BAGHDAD - A wave of car bombings and other attacks mainly targeting Shiite areas of Iraq killed at least 47 people on Tuesday, including more than 20 in the capital Baghdad, officials said.


at 15:30 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Hong Kong leader won't meet with protesters; wider demonstrations are threatened

HONG KONG - Hong Kong's leader refused to meet with pro-democracy demonstrators by their midnight deadline Tuesday, despite their threats to expand the street protests that have posed the stiffest challenge to Beijing's authority since China took control of the former British colony in 1997.


at 15:28 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Prominent Iranian movie directors launch campaign calling for nuclear deal

TEHRAN, Iran - Six prominent Iranian film directors have launched a campaign calling for a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.


at 15:15 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Algeria identifies some kidnappers of French hiker later beheaded by Islamic militants

ALGIERS, Algeria - Algeria's justice minister said Tuesday that some of the members of the group that kidnapped and beheaded a French hiker have been identified.


at 15:05 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Blistering questions for Secret Service director from Congress after White House breach

WASHINGTON - Secret Service Director Julia Pierson acknowledged on Tuesday that her agency failed in its mission of protecting the White House when a man with a knife entered the mansion and ran through half the ground floor before being subdued.


at 14:38 on September 30, 2014, EDT.

Police: 1 child hurt, high school evacuated in Kentucky after report of weapons on campus

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - One child was injured and a high school was evacuated after a report of weapons seen on the campus in Louisville, police said Tuesday.


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