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Before contacting our technical support you should look for your issue in our FAQ below.

NOTE: When contacting us, please record your browser version, your operating system version, your version of the Media Player and submit it to the Webmaster using the form below.


Question-New: Your stream looks different and now I cannot seem to connect ?
Answer: We will be updating our streams to use the latest Adobe Flash Player. Please make sure you download and install the latest player here.

Question: I want to stream your station over the Internet. But what do I need?
Answer: To successfully stream you need an Internet connection and the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Question: The player says it is connecting but never connects.

Answer: Please email us using the form on the Contact Us page and let us know.

Question: The player says it is buffering frequently and interrupts your live stream.
Answer: There are delays introduced by the congestion on the Internet and sometimes by the speed of your Internet connection. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do to rectify this problem. If you are on dial-up this may occur frequently.

Question: Does your stream work on Windows, Mac and other platforms?
Answer: Yes. Our stream works on Windows, Macs and flavours of Unix, however we only support it on Windows and the Mac operating system.

Question: Is the Roku network media player device supported?
Answer: Currently we do not support this device. Contact your device manufacturer for support.

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